You need to eat to lose weight.
Restricted dieting slows down your metabolism and will prove counter-productive in the long run.

At Mandolean weight Loss Center you will learn how to eat, how much and when to eat based on a proven weight control method. You can achieve weight loss for life without excluding any foods from your diet.

We will help you restore a healthy eating behavior. There are no diet foods, no pills, no calorie counting, and no hunger. To reinforce healthy eating habits, you will use the Mandometer: an interactive device developed by our research team. Practicing with Mandometer will help you identify your natural signals for hunger and fullness. The Mandometer is used during daily meals.

A personal nutritionist will follow you throughout the whole treatment. You will together set up an individualized plan which includes a meal plan, short- and long-term goals, a weight loss plan and a plan for physical activity. Read more >