This is what you will experience as a patient at the Mandolean Weight Loss Center in New York City:

Eating Evaluation

The initial meeting is designed to introduce you to our weight loss program and outcomes. Since all our programs are individually tailored, we invest the time to explore your weight loss goal and health needs.
A licensed nutritionist is assigned to you, and will follow you throughout the whole treatment.


You will undergo a comprehensive eating evaluation that includes an assessment of your eating behavior, stress level and health condition. The evaluation typically takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Tailored Plan

Following the Eating Evaluation we set up an individualized plan which includes a meal plan, short- and long-term goals, a weight loss and physical activity plan.


The Mandometer device

We will show you how to use the Mandometer – a unique tool that provides immediate auditory and interactive feedback to help you restore your eating behavior. The Mandometer will show you how to eat and to recognize your natural signals for hunger and fullness. The Mandometer is used during daily meals.

Mandometer Device

First Week

During the first week of treatment you will be given training and nutritional counseling. You will be asked to eat control meals with the Mandometer device, both at the Mandolean Weight Loss Center and at home. The device records the weight of the food consumed during meals and the pace of consumption.

Your nutritionist will evaluate the control meals at the end of the first week. The data will be used to tailor the Mandometer settings for the first step of the treatment.

All food groups are available in moderation.

Our patients are asked to increase their physical activity each day and your progress is monitored with the use of a pedometer.

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