All the treatments used in the Mandolean and Mandometer programs are evidence based, and the data supporting these treatments have been published in the most prominent peer-reviewed medical and scientific journals, including the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences and the British Medical Journal.

Our research shows that people who are at risk for food-related problems have a common issue; those individuals are unable to recognize either hunger or satiety. Accordingly, people who become overweight eat when they’re not hungry and continue to eat meals well in excess of their point of satiation.

The good news in our findings is that these individuals – we call them linear eaters > because they do not slow their food intake over the course of a meal – can be retrained to recognize and act on their feelings of hunger and satiety to regain the ability to eat normally and to sustain a normal body weight. We use electronic devices to facilitate this relearning procedure to allow these individuals to modify their abnormal eating pattern and adopt a normal pattern.

One of these devices is called a Mandometer>, and it is designed to weigh the plate during a meal and record a decrease in weight as the food is being eaten. The device can show a patient his or her rate of eating in comparison to the rate of eating of a group of people who eat normally. Similarly, the device allows individuals to record their development of satiety over the course of a meal and model the rate at which it is developed compared to that of a normal group. If the patient eats too quickly, the device alerts the patient to slow down and if the patient eats too slowly, this talking plate tells the patient to speed up.

This training technique gradually allows patients to reclaim their normal patterns of eating by regaining their ability to recognize hunger and satiety. Once they are in control of their food intake, the obese lose weight, those undergoing bariatric surgery have no side effects, and those with eating disorders no longer have psychiatric symptoms and they are able to live life at a normal body weight.

Throughout the years a long row of Scientific articles written by Mando Group AB´s founders have been published in scientific and medical journals.

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