The Mandolean Method is based on 20 years of research in Europe, and has been successfully used by patients worldwide.
Read a few of their stories:

I learned HOW to eat well and I was never feeling hungry. This is what made this program a success for me

I am very grateful to have found Mandolean. I was in a very dark place before this program. I always felt my weight was my biggest obstacle in life. I never felt I would reach my goals. I ultimately never felt a sense of control over my life. I tried everything from diet pills, teas, and anything else that was advertised to solve your weight loss struggles from day to night. I found my place at Mandolean.


The counseling helped me become aware of my behaviors that were leading me to a life of obesity. Not only was I gaining weight, I had no knowledge of what was good for the health of my body. I learned HOW to eat well and I was never feeling hungry. This is what made this program a success for me. I learned not to obsess over the number on the scale but to be more aware of my daily behaviors that enable me to continue the path of a healthy lifestyle. Mandolean and Deborah Cardile saved me from self destructive behaviors and that is what makes this program the best.


I have lost a total of 31 lbs. and I am continuing to lose.

Stephany Molina

The program is nothing like your typical diet, where you have to buy certain foods or deprive yourself from foods that you like

I never struggled with my weight, but I always wanted to look or feel better. There was always a part of my body that I wish would go away or just magically disappear when I would wear certain outfits. One of my coworkers told me about the Mandolean program and suggested I give it a try since I am an avid exerciser. At first I was hesitant as most people typically are when you think of the word “diet” or the phrase “it is time to change your eating habits.” But I decided to give it a try. Since starting the program in mid-October, I have not only learned a lot about myself by working with Deborah, but I also have lost a total of 20 pounds.

The program is nothing like your typical diet, where you have to buy certain foods or deprive yourself from foods that you like. Instead it is a lifestyle change. A lifestyle change that you will stick with and it will become a part of your daily routine, which is what I like most about it.

Courtney Reed

The program helped me figure out when and how much to eat

The program helped me figure out when and how much to eat. It also helped me portion and keep a balanced diet with the proper proteins, carbs and vegetables. It kept me full and energized and I was able to get better workouts in and push myself longer. Maintaining healthy weight loss was ideal and this was definitely the way to do it.

Erin Tobin

I feel strong, liberated and beautiful

I have not been “dieting”. I kept eating pizza, pasta, ice cream and candy – everything that I liked. I have not excluded anything from my diet, but changed my attitude regarding how I eat.


“I don’t have a clue!” was my first answer when the Mandometer asked how full I was feeling. After a few month I started to recognize how the feeling of fullness changed over the course of a meal:”My stomach is full and I feel satiated” was the feeling I could identify at the end of the meal.


I used to eat very large portions in just a few minutes. I now eat less because I take my time and let my body register that my stomach is getting full. I also eat regularly now; breakfast, lunch, dinner as well as two or three snacks. That decrease the risk of getting cravings for candy and cookies. And it is OK if I want to eat ice cream now and then, I am in control and don’t get the urge to binge.

Jannice Andersson

I am losing weight without feeling hungry, or keeping tedious food logs

I heard about Mandolean after confiding to one of the most dedicated physicians in women’s healthcare today — that I’d been struggling with binging and depression for more than 35 years. I told her everything I’d tried over the years, to which she replied: “I know a program that works.” She told me about a program new to New York, developed in Sweden, with a track record of success in Europe.


I will always be grateful to the Mandolean program, its founder and staff for giving me my life, health and vitality back. The Mandolean program helped me to stop binging, to eat balanced meals, to practice healthy behaviors and to make a priority of self-care. I am losing weight without feeling hungry, or keeping tedious food logs. I am moving again. I am no longer compulsively self-destructive. The Mandolean clinicians are superb: expert, warm, gentle, encouraging. They are positive, and always able to lift me up and re-direct my focus when I go negative, am too rigid, or overwhelmed by something in my life. They meet with me individually 1-2 times per week, and are always available by phone or email for encouragement, advice or check-ins in between as needed.


Mandolean is evidenced based treatment for disordered eating that works! For me, it was the path to healing I thought would never come.

Thank you again for transforming my life and it is never too late.

I wanted to thank you and your staff for helping me lose over 25 pounds and counting. I thought at my age it would be impossible to lose more than 5 pounds and I was resigned to being overweight for the rest of my life. I was also concerned because diabetes and high blood pressure runs in my family. also you don’t see too many over weight people living to be an old age.


Your program indentified key metrics for me. First I had no idea what my normal movements were. Your program got me moving. I started with 10,000 steps then 15,000 steps then 18,000 steps and I am now doing 19,000 steps a day and it has become part of my lifestyle.


Next I did not have good portion control. The Mandometer showed me what the correct portion of food is. I eat what I like and I don’t feel restricted. Once my body made the adjustment I feel full and satisfied and the pounds came off. I like that I get to eat what I want and can prepare the food naturally.


I also completed the eating profile and found out I was within the normal range and not an emotional eater. This allowed me to focus on my shortcomings which were portion control and not moving enough.


People have noticed the difference and I have more energy and strength to do the things I enjoy doing. I recommend your program to everyone I come in contact with.


Thank you again for transforming my life and it is never too late.

Bill Spigonardo

Mando brought me out of the woods of food obsession

I don’t really know where to begin, because the amount of gratitude I feel toward Mandolean is hard to describe. The Mandolean program, and particularly the staff, changed my life. I found Mandolean randomly via the internet during a very, very dark time when my life consisted of bingeing and sleeping. I came across the Mandometer documentary on YouTube and immediately watched it 3 times in a row. I knew I had found Mando for a reason, and when I found out they had just opened up shop in NYC, I was elated.


My Mandolean case worker and nutritionist, Marilyn and Kelly respectively, went way beyond these titles. Not only did they guide me in the most nurturing and attentive way possible throughout my Mandolean experience, but they truly became what I would consider close friends. I almost immediately stopped bingeing once I began the program, and I attribute this to the constant access I had to the Mandolean team via emails and meetings, and of course the Mandolean plate method (which blew my mind – a life saving invention!). In the middle of my treatment, I remember going home for Christmas vacation and not bingeing once throughout 2 weeks filled with constant parties and food. That’s when I really knew this program was helping me.


If you are struggling and have tried EVERYTHING, like I had, I strongly encourage you to reach out to Mandolean. Whether you are anorexic, bulimic, or addicted to food (like I was), the Mandolean program is for you. The US needs this program to help fight an epidemic that is taking over so many lives in this country.


Mando brought me out of the woods of food obsession, and I am forever grateful to the Mandolean Team. Today, 6 months after I started Mandolean, I am completely binge-free and feel/look better than I ever have in my life. I’m 25, and I feel like in many ways, my life is just beginning. Thank you, Mandolean Team.

The results thus far have seen me going from just under 190 pounds in early March to around 173 pounds in mid June

I have learned a lot about the importance of dieting using this program in the short time going back to early March. While a lot of it is clear common sense based on the how much you eat, what you eat,  and when you eat, I have also learned about making sure to eat slower so the body can absorb the food and have time to break it down.


Also, by making sure I never skip meals and making sure to have healthy snacks when hungry as opposed to junk food has been a big help for me. The results thus far have seen me going from just under 190 pounds in early March to around 173 pounds in mid June. This has improved health so far as I just had my annual physical and enabled me to run faster than I ever have when doing some longer runs.

Anthony Spinella

The best part about the changes are that I think they're sustainable

I just wanted to thank you again. I really appreciate all your help and advice — I couldn’t have lost the weight without you. Your approach worked particularly well for me. And the best part about the changes are that I think they’re sustainable — I don’t want to go back to more soda and family-sized bowls of pasta and popcorn… So thank you, thank you, thank you!


I've found that the Mandolean program has been very easy.

It is based on a sensible approach to setting and reaching goals. With the help of you, as my own personal nutritionist/counselor, I’ve learned and internalized a lot about the basic food groups, as well as the best way to keep them all in balance.


You have taken the time to explain more than the obvious “nuggets” that can be gleaned from reading various nutrition articles. I’m confident that I’ll continue my journey on the road to healthier behavior.


Mandolean is not a “fad”, rather it’s been an attitude changing adventure.

Ellen F. Mularz

There is no need to skip a meal and make me feel like I am starving

We always ask the questions who, what, when, where, and why? But, never ask the real question why not? Why not add veggies to your plate or have a salad with your pizza. Why not get support and help to learn how to eat better and learn which foods can give you energy.


What I love about this program is that it does not feel like a diet just a change in lifestyle. I learned even though sometimes I feel like everything is always rushed and I do not have time. I actually do have time to eat my three meals and snacks a day. There is no need to skip a meal and make me feel like I am starving. I do have time to treat and learn how to treat my body and that’s why I love this program.

Kristy Miller

My new life after 50

(Gastric bypass preparation)

I had a binge-eating disorder. I was glad to receive treatment, but at the same time I was a little skeptical, how is it possible to lose weight and at the same time eat all that food, so many times per day? In the beginning nothing much happened but soon, I started losing weight. It was ½ a kilo a week; it was really wonderful to be able to eat food and lose weight. The joy of looking at the scale, wow, I have lost weight!


I think it was a great advantage to have practiced with Mandometer device before the gastric bypass. I had an eating disorder and that you can’t take away yourself without help. If I had not got any help with my eating disorder and still had had that operation, I would have faced a 100% risk of still having the eating disorder and the same eating pattern, I know there are people who have undergone the operation and haven’t been helped with their eating disorder and therefore regained all their weight. So I recommend the Mandolean program, for helping you with your eating disorder and providing guidance when it comes to learning how to eat before an operation.

Rosie Klang

To stay the same weight for 10 years, you need to learn to eat

(Gastric bypass preparation)


It was the “aha” moment of understanding how to eat, not emphasizing food so much, and not eating low-calorie products, that I experienced at the Mandolean clinic.


I met a nutritionist who taught me how to eat. I realized all diets are just crap. and I am so glad I learned that before my operation. It really gets me that no one taught me about that in high school, because then I wouldn’t be here today. I got the tools from the Mandolean program, and I got the right attitude. The operation helped with the rest, to feel satiated, but that is a minor part of the whole picture. The major part is this struggle to change habits: to learn to eat at regular intervals, to exercise, to not obsess so much over food and weight. That is the major thing that should be addressed before the operation, so that the weight reduction can be maintained.

Nanna Franzén