Different eating styles are important factors in the development of long-term disordered eating. A healthy eating pattern is decelerated, that means that you eat faster in the beginning of a meal and slow down towards the end when you start feeling full. If you have a decelerated eating pattern you tend to maintain a healthy body weight even if external conditions and a stressful life style might promote a disturbed eating.

If you have a linear eating pattern, you eat at the same high speed until all food is gone and you are not as sensitive to the feeling of fullness.

If you are a linear eater, you are at risk to become either obese or develop an eating disorder, as both of these problems develop as the result of an inability to recognize your natural signals for hunger and fullness.

The good news is that a linear eater can learn to eat like decelerated eater, and thereby maintain a healthy body weight.

The Mandometer device

Mandometer is a unique tool that provides immediate auditory and interactive feedback to help you restore a healthy eating pattern. The Mandometer will show you how to eat and to recognize your natural signals for hunger and fullness.

Mandometer Device

The Mandolean Overweight Prevention Program

Eating Evaluation

The initial meeting is designed to introduce you to our Overweight prevention program and outcomes. Since all our programs are individually tailored, we invest the time to explore your health needs.

You will undergo a comprehensive eating evaluation that includes an assessment of your eating behavior, stress level and health condition. During the eating evaluation you eat a control meal with the Mandometer which will tell us if you have a linear or decelerated eating pattern, how much, and how fast you are eating. The evaluation typically takes about 1.5 to 2 hours.

Tailored Plan

Following the Eating Evaluation we set up an individualized prevention plan which includes a meal plan and physical activity plan.

If the control meal indicates that you have a linear eating pattern you will also practice with the Mandometer to learn a decelerated eating.