We help women and men to lose weight and keep it off for life.
Our goal is to get you healthy – by helping you restore a healthy eating behavior.
We apply over 20 years of sustained research and the lessons learned from years of satisfied outcomes for women and men with weight problems.

To reinforce healthy eating habits, you will use the Mandometer: an interactive device that teaches you how to eat, developed by our research team. You will restore your natural signals for hunger and fullness for a permanent weight loss.

After undertaking a complete health and eating behavior assessment, a dedicated nutritionist will offer an individualized weight control program designed to address your specific need.

There is no diet food – no pills  – no calories counting – no keeping lists – no surgery.

You will be in charge of your eating, food will not control you.

Why dieting doesn’t work

When you restrict the amount of food that you eat, your metabolism slows down to prevent you from starving yourself. When you eventually increase your food intake after a food-restricting diet, your metabolism remains low, and the combination of a low metabolism and an increased amount of food reliably produces a weight gain. In fact, food-restricting dieting will guarantee that you will gain weight.


The Mandolean Treatment program allows you to eat most foods; you don’t have to count calories or restrict yourself to particular foods – you can eat anything you enjoy. When you have learned to eat normally, you will no longer need the Mandometer, and you will no longer think constantly about eating or dieting because you will never be on a diet again.

How it works

We help take care of the new you

We also help you to deal with the issues that arise when you lose weight. You will be thinking about your new appearance – you may want to buy new clothes or change your hair-style, and we will help you to adjust to your new body and your new lifestyle.

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