Mandolean has had a lot of success with overweight children and teenagers.
We will give your child a plan and the expectation that he/she will lead a healthy life.
There is no diet food – no pills – no calories counting – no keeping lists – no surgery.
Our weight control program is simple and easy to implement and follow. 

Children and Teenagers enjoy using our interactive device, the Mandometer, that reinforces best eating habits by providing immediate visual and auditory feedback.  We also have an effective smartphone app, the SatietyMeter, that is effective in helping to control unnecessary snacking. Your child or teenager will discover new eating habits and get healthy and lean for life.

Overweight children and teenagers are particularly vulnerable to peer pressure and demands for being liked and measured for popularity on social networks. We start by making your child feel comfortable and look to build up his/her self-esteem.

We Will Make Your Child Feel Special and Empowered. 

Why dieting doesn’t work

When you restrict the amount of food that you eat, your metabolism slows down to prevent you from starving yourself. When you eventually increase your food intake after a food-restricting diet, your metabolism remains low, and the combination of a low metabolism and an increased amount of food reliably produces a weight gain. In fact, food-restricting dieting will guarantee that you will gain weight.

The Mandolean Treatment program allows your child to eat most foods and you don’t have to count calories.

How it works

BMI SDS (Body Mass Index Standard Deviation Score)
Is used for growing children and youths as you take into account that their height increases.

You can read more about BMI SDS and Child growth standards at WHO (World Health Organization) >